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Octa Soligen 173  Sikkativ Co, Ba, Zr Anbruchfass


Special combination drier based on Cobalt, Barium and Zirconium for oxidatively drying paint systems.

Characteristic Data


Clear, low-viscous, violet liquid

Metal content

Ba: 7.00 - 7.40 %
Co: 1.10 - 1.30 %
Zr: 3.10 - 3.30 % Total 11.20 - 12.00 %

DIN 55901 DIN 55901 DIN 55901

Non-volatile content

40 - 50 %

ISO 3251 (2g, 3h, 105 °C)


Max. 120 mPa·s

ISO 3219 (A) (20 °C)


0.950 - 0.990 g/cm3

DIN 51757 (20 °C)


White spirit with < 1 % aromatics



Cobalt effects rapid surface drying. In conjunction with cobalt, barium improves through-drying. At the same time it prevents the adsorption of primary drier, thereby increasing drier stability during long-term storage. Zirconium acts as an active auxiliary drier. It improves both through-drying and surface drying.

The balanced ratio of the various metal contents of Octa-Soligen® 173 yields optimum results in initial drying and through-drying. As a result of the action of the barium, this drier has excellent drier stability, rendering use of additional drier stabilisers unnecessary except in the case of critical pigment Systems.

Paints incorporating Octa-Soligen® 173 are characterised by better drying times particularly at high atmospheric humidity and low temperatures.

Octa-Soligen® 173 is of low viscosity, is easy to use and is specifically suited to light-colored paint systems and automotive refinishing paint.


Octa Solingen 173 OMG Borchers Dryer Trockenstoff Anbruchfass

€ 19,90Preis
inkl. USt

Octa Solingen 173 OMG Borchers Dryer Trockenstoff Anbruchfass


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